High-grade Hops from Spain

Hops are the female flower cones of the hop plant (Humulus Lupulus) which contains 8-PN, a natural and safe phytoestrogen
that is structurally and functionally closest to the female hormone estrogen. The activity of this 8-PN is much greater
than the soy isoflavones.

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Be Plus is made from carefully selected high-grade dried hop extract from Spain that rich in this 8-PN. It is this 8-PN phytoestrogen that promotes safe development of the female breasts, thus making Be Plus an effective supplement to achieve firmer and fuller breasts...naturally. Spain is one of the top producers of high-grade hops that are widely sought after, especially for their natural and special properties for breast development.

The latest technique : Plant Extraction Principles

Simildiet Laboratorios, Spain uses the latest cold extraction technique to extract the active ingredients from plants under the most exhaustive quality control. It’s in response to an ever-increasing demand for phytoextracts of proven therapeutic value and of no side effects or contraindications. This technique enables us to verify the molecular structure of each plant and to guarantee a correct dosage and standardization of each batch that has been manufactured.

Simildiet Laboratorios has a R&D department which works in collaboration with Faculties of Science and Medical Clinics. This further consolidates the effectiveness and guarantees the total safety of our products. With this strong support, we can definitely provide you with a safe, innovative and completely reliable range of breast enhancement products.