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Be+ Bust Sublime Essence

Enriched with 4 groups of high performance natural ingredients from France.

Be+ Bust Sublime Essence


This cream is the ultimate bust enhancement solution designed to help lift, tone and tighten the delicate skin of the bust contour. Fortified with powerful actives like Bust-Up Enhancer, Kigelia Africana Extract and Liftensor, it delivers optimal efficacy in boosting circulation, strengthening collagen and increasing the tonicity of the bust for a lifted and tense appearance. Breasts appear higher on the bust line with a full, defined shape.

  • Prevents skin slackening, increases skin elasticity to firm and tighten breast tissues
  • Strengthens collagen of breast tissues, improves elasticity and smoothness
  • Breasts regain their suppleness while becoming plumper and perkier

Bust-Up Enhancer

Remarkable Phytoestrogen Complex made from 8 types of phytoestrogen-rich plants, namely: Black cohosh, Polygonum cuspidatum root extract (hu zhang), soybean, Angelica granatum sinesis root extract (dong gui), red clover, pomegranate, Pueraria lobata root extract, Pueraria mirifica root extract to promote hormonal balance. The complex effectively stimulates collagen synthesis and perk up the tonicity of saggy breast and under-developed breast. The breast shape and size is significantly notable via the stimulation of cell growth. It develops a fuller and volumised bust line and simultaneously lightens stretch marks. The skin texture is greatly improved with an ultimate soft silky sensorial touch.

Kigelia Africana Fruit Extract

This firming extract is rich in flavonoids and phytosterol saponosides with a similar chemical structure and properties to the female hormone (estrogen). These phytoestrogens provide competitive binding to estrogen receptors which tighten breast collagen, increase skin elasticity and moisturise skin. The active’s remarkable skin tightening and bust firming properties help revive sagging skin and provide lift to breasts. Bust contour is significantly enhanced after massage. Being coupled with age defying characteristics, it rejuvenates the bust, reinstates its suppleness and tonicity and results in fuller bust line.


The highly linked 3-Dimentional molecular network of this sugar-based tensing agent adheres strongly to the skin’s surface and forms a continuous, cohesive lifting film that gives visible lifting and smoothening effect.

Tocopheryl Acetate

A powerful free radical quencher that has the ability to boost collagen production for a suppler and firmer skin.  It has an excellent moisturising effect that helps to prevent signs of ageing especially on bust line with lack of tonicity.

Clinical results show that:  

  • 82%of users felt that their breasts are significantly perkier and firmer
  • 70%of users felt that their breasts are significantly lifted
  • Bust-Up Enhancer promotes up to 150% increase of collagen synthesis for firmer and perkier breasts.
  • Bust-Up Enhancer inhibits the activity of collagenase (enzymes that break down collagen) to preserve skin’s integrity and increase elasticity.


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