The perfect duoto achieveyour ideal bustline

BE+ Natural Bust Curve Enhancer

Herbal bust enhancement capsules with active ingredient derived from hops which are rich in plant-based oestrogen, namely phytoestrogen 8-PN.

BE+ Natural Bust Curve Enhancer


Be+ Natural Bust Curve Enhancer capsules deliver phytoestrogen 8-PN derived from hops directly to oestrogen receptors in the body. This strengths and revitalises breast tissue and promotes natural growth of breast for fuller, sexier breasts.

8 Bust-Enhancing Effects


Stimulates mammary gland proliferation & lobe enlargement.
Improves blood & lymphatic circulations
in the breasts.
Regulates women’s estrogen levels & promotes catch-up growth of the breasts.
Encourages fat deposition for fuller & firmer breasts.
Strengthens the fibrous structure for perkier & uplifted breasts.
Increases collagen synthesis to improve
breast suppleness & elasticity.
Lightens dark nipples to restore their alluring rosy colour.
Supplies nutrients for smooth & tender breast skin.

Be+ Natural Bust Curve Enhanceris made from specially and carefully selected Dried Hops Extract from Spain, one of the top countries that produce the finest hops.

Hops are the female flower cones of the Humulus Lupulus plant. It is a type of herb traditionallyusedto treatinsomnia,nervousness, anxiety, headaches and indigestion, as well as to balance female hormones, treat estrogendeficiency, menstrual delay orabsence.

Hops are rich in powerful phytoestrogens, especially 8-prenylanaringenin (8-PN), a type of chemical produced by plants which act like estrogens in humans. Research shows that hops are able to activate the growth of mammary glands and lobules, promote elastin synthesis and lymphatic circulation, thus enlarging and lifting the breasts. Moreover, 8-PN has also been shown to promote healthy skin, hair and nails; alleviate menopausal syndrome and prevent bone loss, osteoporosis, heart attack, cardiovascular problems, diabetes and possibly Alzheimer’s disease. It also has an anti-carcinogenic activity on breast and ovarian cancer.

This unique plant extract also contains a lot of plant proteins that are capable of increasing elastin and collagen synthesis, thus making the breasts firmer and more supple, and the skin smoother.

This product is patented in Spain, clinically tested and approved by the Simildiet Laboratories in Spain, and has garnered various international quality and material safety  accreditation. It is 100% natural and does not contain any artificial colouring, preservatives or fragrances, animal products or genetically modified ingredients.


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